controlling 2 steppermotors

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ATX power supply is connected to the breadboard. Plugged into the breadboard are the two SN754410NE H-bridge chips, 2 steppermotors (Mercury Motor SM-42BYG011-25), 1 arduino duemilanova.

Bipolar stepper circuit sheet LINK
(how to wire the chips, steppermotor and arduino alltogether)

Today will be exiting.
– With the use of thermoplastics (beats lego & meccano for certain applications) we will tinker the pen holder.
– install the arduino blue tooth shield
– update the testcode to synch the steppermotors
– complete the stand on which we will secure the steppermotors (which hold the penholder via thread)
– install the stepper motor pulleys (and pray they work, if it does, it deserves its own tutorial, more on this later)
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